1)   Do you know how to professionally webcast your programs?
    2)   Do you like to learn how to relay your videos program from one place to another without
               Laying any cables through internet in minutes?
    3)   Do you know how to create a professional webpage in seconds for your
              Clients to watch the professional webcast?
    4)   Do you know how to create a professional webpage with registration , user name & password,
                 Along with forums, &  live chat in a minute    without any cost to  you for your  client?
   5)    Do you know how to stream to your cell phone?
   6)    What equipments you need to professionally webcast?
   7)    What are the parameters to check before you professional webcast?
   8)    Broadcasting on the web could be very easy and simple if you know how to do it ?
   9)    How to professionally webcast on move?
  10)   What a  videographer or photographer should know about video streaming?
  11)   Do you know what is the difference between a video conferencing,  webinar and webcasting?
  12)   Do you know what are the questions client can ask a videographer or photographer on video
                Streaming and how he should brief them. ?
  13)   Do you know how to do business and make good money on video streaming?
  14)   What are the opportunities available on  video streaming?